Movie star Oliver Platt can't wait for Thanksgiving Day because the American holiday gives him the excuse to smoke a turkey and impress his extended family.

The THREE MUSKETEERS star discovered a traditional recipe in his local newspaper last year (04) and now insists he'll barbecue his bird every November (05).

Platt boasts, "I like to smoke my turkey, slow barbecue at 200 degrees and brine the hell out of it the night before. That's the way to go because it totally locks in all the juice.

"I have a barbecue where you can separate the coals and you start at 10am and just keep on throwing those wet chips on so it slow cooks and smokes. It's a recipe I got out of the New York Times last year and it's unbelievable.

"I have a lot of extended family over and whatever stragglers are around, so it's a feast."