Veteran soul star Oliver Cheatham is attempting to win over a younger audience - by collaborating with controversial rapper Eminem.

Cheatham, who comes from Eminem's hometown - Detroit - had a hit in the 1980s with GET DOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, and is set to top the British singles chart this Sunday (30MAR03) with his song MAKE LUV, made famous by an advert for deodorant manufacturers LYNX.

And Eminem, it appears, has not forgotten about him.

Oliver says, "Eminem is a very very talented young guy and he knows me a lot you know - everybody knew the song SATURDAY NIGHT. He saw me in Detroit when I came home and he was doing an interview.

"He jumped out of the interview and came over to see me and said, 'Where you been?', you know, he said 'I'd like to do some things with you', I said, 'Well I'll be back home soon and we'll talk about it'. So we're going to work some things together."