Actress Olga Kurylenko always makes sure she carries snacks in her purse for fear of going hungry after facing starvation for much of her childhood.

The former Bond girl grew up in poverty in Soviet Russia, sharing a tiny apartment with her single mother and several members of her extended family, and she admits times were sometimes so tough, they would not have money to buy food to eat.

She recalls, "Suddenly we were poor and we couldn't eat. My mother's salary would run out and the (wage) envelope would be empty. And it was always an envelope, never a bank. There was no point in a bank."

Kurylenko landed her big break as a 13 year old when she was spotted by a talent scout for a modelling agency, but even now she reveals she is plagued by the "psychological fear" of losing her fame and fortune and ending up cold and hungry once more - so she packs extra treats in her bag just in case.

She tells Blackbook magazine, "I loved birthday parties (as a child) because they had food in abundance. I would just eat up... But I was still hungry. The very first years when I immigrated to France I had to learn not to do that. I had to learn how to live with money."