Old School star Luke Wilson insists he's keeping the weight he piled on for his role in The Family Stone - because he's happy his athletic days are behind him. The actor gained 18 pounds (8.16 kilograms) to play slacker brother BEN STONE in the 2005 dark comedy and admits he's grown fond of his bulky frame. He says, "I was just letting myself go. I'm a little older and fatter now, and I'm not exercising as much. My lifestyle these days involves a lot of beer and pasta. "But there's something satisfying in letting your body go to hell. So maybe I won't get offered the same kind of role as before. So what? I'm happy to play the guy in his mid-30s, who may be a little unhealthy." Wilson can always revel in his past athletic achievements - he's confident records he set at school in Texas will never be broken. He adds, "I still hold the school records for the 400 and 800 meter races. Those are 16-year-old records. "At this point something tells me those records won't be broken. If somebody breaks them, I want that kid tested for performance-enhancing drugs."