OL' DIRTY BASTARD's widow has settled a dispute with documentary filmmakers over the use of the late rapper's image, paving the way for the movie's release.

A screening of Dirty: Platinum Edition had to be scrapped last month (Nov13), moments before its premiere at the NuHo Film Festival in New York, after event boss Chris Kanik was forced to bow to a cease and desist order from lawyers representing Icelene Jones, the executor of the Wu-Tang Clan star's estate.

Jones had reportedly asked for money from Odb's director cousin Stephon Turner, aka Raison Allah, and Kanik upfront for permission to use the rapper's likeness in the film, but Kanik refused.

However, the two parties have since managed to reach a confidential agreement over the film, allowing it to be streamed online.

A statement released by festival representatives to AllHipHop.com reads: "Over the course of the last three weeks, NuHo has been in constant contact with the Estate and its legal counsel. After further discussing Dirty: Platinum Edition with the Estate's legal counsel and providing the Estate the opportunity to pre-screen the documentary in full, both parties are finally in agreement. The Estate acknowledges, that 'as currently formulated, (the Estate does) not believe that the documentary infringes on rights owned by the Estate. As such, (the Estate) will (no longer) act to prevent the distribution of the documentary'."

The press release also reveals that Turner is currently working on a new biopic, titled Raw, chronicling the "formation of the Wu Tang Clan and Odb's significant involvement in creating one of hip-hop's most influential acts".

Ol' Dirty Bastard passed away in 2004 from a drug overdose.