The widow of OL' DIRTY BASTARD (ODB) has saved DNA to prove that the late rapper is the father of her three children.

In a press conference on Tuesday (12APR05), ICELENE JONES, her children and her lawyer appeared to proclaim that she was the "court appointed" representative of the rapper's estate.

Jones also charged that she and her children were not set to receive any funds from the rapper's upcoming album, A SON UNIQUE.

While no lawsuit has been filed, sources speculate that a legal battle could well be on the horizon if a resolution cannot be reached, according to website ALLHIPHOP.COM.

To support their assertion that they should receive some support, the group revealed a certificate of marriage and the notion of DNA. Even though the Jones and the star were estranged at the time of his November (04) death, they were married for about 19 years.

ODB's estate has been largely controlled by his mother Cherry Jones and manager JARRED WEISFELD. Jones and Weisfeld share a label that recently released a mixtape of ODB's songs.

Jones says of her late husband, "I was real hurt with him doing the things that he's done. But I have nothing against the other children (he fathered). I've met some of them. If they are, they are. If they're not, they're not. They're beautiful children - the ones that I've seen. I preserved DNA for this purpose."

ODB, real name RUSSELL JONES, is believed to have fathered as many as 13 children.

14/04/2005 02:52