Rapper OL' DIRTY BASTARD isn't wasting any time in getting back to business after a spell in jail - he's joining the long list of hip-hop designers with a new clothing line.

The WU-TANG CLAN star was released from a mental facility in New York on Thursday (01MAY03) and within hours he had signed up a new deal with DAMON DASH's Roc-A-Fella Records and announced a new fashion range under his new moniker DIRT McGIRT.

Dash, who joined ODB's pal Mariah Carey at the press conference, said, "Any opportunity I see, when I see a good person, when I see someone that's talented and about their business, I couldn't care less what anybody else says about him.

"All I know is what I see. He's consistently done it, entertained us on every level, and all we wanna do at the Roc is give him love and help him get where he's got to go."

ODB, aka Dirt McGirt, sporting a brown and beige sweatsuit from his new clothing line, said, "I didn't think I was gonna touch no more microphones. I'm looking forward to a future with Roc-A-Fella."

06/05/2003 01:44