Canadian rockers Ok Go were left battered and bruised making their new music video, in which they dance on moving running machines. The band took more than a week to perfect the spectacular routine, which has become a massive hit on the internet and was performed live at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York last month (AUG06). Frontman DAMIEN KULASH explains, "The video took some time and dedication to get right. "You can get hurt pretty easily on those things and we did. "It took eight days to choreograph it. Basically the first three were us just throwing ourselves at the pile of treadmills to see what happened. Nine times out of ten we'd have one machine chewing up our butt and our head stuck in another. "There were lots of scrapes and bruises but there was no hospitalisation fortunately. "There were some good crashes. The problem is we were too stupid to have a camera rolling when we were inventing the moves."