Ben de Lisi has created a dress made entirely from tissues.

The renowned designer hand stitched the stunning cream gown using 21 metres of Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues, with TV presenter and friend Lisa Snowdon modelling the dress.

Ben says he was inspired to use the unusual material as he searched for the ultimate fabric to flatter women.

He said: "My philosophy is to design clothing that encapsulates understated glamour. If you can get this right and combine it with the right material then the minute a woman puts it on, she will feel and look gorgeous.

"This is exactly what I've achieved with my tissue dress - I wanted to create something that would show off Lisa's womanly figure and whilst working with tissue was an interesting challenge due to its delicate nature, its softness and strength lends itself to the dress shape and looks simply stunning on her."

Model Lisa - who has previously dated George Clooney - was very impressed with Ben's design.

She said: "I'm amazed at what Ben has created, if feels so soft against my skin, I could be wearing silk or velvet. Getting up at 5am each day and working as a radio presenter, means I don't get dressed up on a daily basis. So it's those little everyday indulgences that can make me feel gorgeous from wearing my best underwear, a spritz of my favourite perfume, or a super soft tissue."