Former American football star OJ Simpson is set to face trial again, on 12 charges including aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

Simpson, who was acquitted of the murders of his former wife and her friend in 1995, will now face a jury over an alleged robbery in Las Vegas. The decision comes after a four-day hearing where a Las Vegas judge heard evidence and ruled that the case against Simpson was strong enough to go to trial.

The retired sports star, whose previous court case raised questions about the US justice system, is accused of robbing memorabilia from two sports dealers in a hotel room in the US gambling city.

Simpson claims that he was only trying to recover goods stolen from him when he and five others confronted merchants Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley. If convicted the former professional sportsman could face a lengthy period of time in jail.

Two of those who confronted the traders with Simpson will also be tried but the remaining three suspects have concluded deals with the prosecutor to testify against him.

One of the suspects who has secured a plea bargain told the court that the renowned sports star had asked him to bring guns to the meeting.

During the hearing, the defence attacked the credibility and past of the witnesses, claiming that some of them had financial motives at heart.

Simpson's attorney Yale Galanter said: "I have never been in a case where every witness had a financial motive, where every witness had a credibility problem."

No date has been set for the trial but all three defendants will appear before the court on November 28th where they will enter their pleas.

15/11/2007 07:16:26