LATEST: OJ Simpson insists that a chapter from his unpublished book that hypothesises how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend was created by a ghostwriter and has factual flaws. The latest edition of US magazine Newsweek published a story for its current issue paraphrasing the chapter, called The Night In Question, which the magazine said it had obtained from an anonymous source. Simpson explains, "I'm saying it's a fictional creation. It has so many (factual) holes in it that anybody who knew anything about it would know that I didn't write it." Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON and RON GOLDMAN after a year-long trial, but a civil jury later held him liable for the killings. The former football star says he saw a number of factual flaws while proof-reading the chapter, but did not correct them because he thought that would prove that he did not write it. The book was set to be published on 30 November (06), before being cancelled by News Corp head Rupert Murdoch ten days prior to publication. Simpson insists that he now believes the decision to participate in the project was a mistake adding, "Was it tacky? Yes, it was tacky."