LATEST: OJ Simpson's legal battle over the advance for scrapped book IF I DID IT has been thrown out of a Los Angeles court, after a judge ruled he had "no jurisdiction" over the former football star. The father of murder victim RON GOLDMAN filed the federal lawsuit last month (DEC06) in a bid to seize the alleged $1.1 million (GBP564,000) paid to Simpson for the book, which hypothetically places him at the scene of the 1994 murder of his ex-wife NICOLE SIMPSON and Goldman. But California District Judge MANUEL REAL, who froze Simpson's assets earlier this month (JAN07), was yesterday (24JAN07) forced to end the case due to the defendant's residence in Florida, and has urged Goldman's attorneys to take the case to state court. He said, "I don't have personal jurisdiction. He's a citizen of Florida. I feel that jurisdiction is in the state courts of Florida." But Goldman's attorney DAVID COOK insists he will continue to pursue the case. He says, "We're going to be filing a motion in state court to reach the book monies." Simpson was set to publish the controversial book on 30 November (06), but his contract was terminated by News Corp head Rupert Murdoch ten days prior to publication.