OJ Simpson's former sister-in-law TANYA BROWN is so tired of trying to bring the man she insists killed her sister NICOLE to justice, she has suffered a mental breakdown.

Tanya, 35, has checked herself into a California medical centre in a bid to get her life back in order after years of fighting Simpson in court and in the media.

She says, "I had a mental breakdown and I checked myself into a hospital to get better."

It has been a decade since Simpson was accused of murdering his wife and her lover at the couple's home in Brentwood, California, and Tanya admits she still hasn't got over the loss, which was made worse when her former brother-in-law was found not guilty.

She adds, "I've suffered a lot of loss in my life and I never really dealt with it. OJ killing my sister has scarred me for life.

"I've repressed most of my feelings and anger towards OJ murdering my sister, and unfortunately a disagreement with my fiance triggered a mental breakdown."

The disagreement with her fiance, over the details of a prenuptial agreement, led to the couple postponing their 11 September (04) wedding.

22/10/2004 02:14