OJ Simpson's assets have been temporarily frozen following a lawsuit by murder victim RON GOLDMAN's family to seize any money the former sports star made from his failed IF I DID IT book and TV deal. The Goldman family sued the ex-American football player last month (DEC06) for monies owned to them after Simpson was reported to have been paid $1 million (GBP550,000) for the book, in which he would have 'hypothetically' described how he would have carried out the 1994 murders of Goldman and his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON. Despite being acquitted of criminal murder charges in 1995, a civil jury found Simpson responsible for their deaths and he was subsequently ordered to pay $33.5 million (GBP17 million) to their heirs - which he has yet to hand over. Simpson's book was scrapped following public outrage last year (NOV06), but the Goldman family allege he was still paid and that he put the money into a dummy corporation to avoid paying his creditors. Judge MANUEL REAL yesterday (03JAN07) ordered a "stand still" of assets of both Simpson and Lorraine Brooke Associates - the alleged dummy corporation. Goldman's lawyer JONATHAN POLAK says, "He can no longer move assets around. We think that is very significant."