LATEST: OJ Simpson's lawyer is furiously attempting to block a planned reality TV show based on the former American Football star - which he promises will never see the light of day.

Although a small American network promises to air a 'fly-on-the-wall' programme starring Simpson, his lawyer YALE GALANDER says the show won't happen.

Galander spits, "This is a joke. There is no agreement between this guy (NORMAN PARDO) and the OJ Simpson team to do anything."

Pardo is the founder of SPIDERBOY INTERNATIONAL, which allegedly created a show from film footage of Simpson acting as an emcee at various rap concerts in 2001 and 2002.

Pardo says the show will be broadcast by Texas-based URBAN AMERICA TELEVISION NETWORK.

Simpson says, "To be honest, this footage would get pretty boring. Maybe for a half hour it would be interesting but not for a series. I have no plans in any way to do a reality show even though people have approached me about it."

But Pardo is not backing away from his idea that easily, "We've got everything done, the reality show is coming."

27/04/2003 20:55