Former American football star OJ Simpson could be sentenced to life imprisonment today (Friday December 5th) for his involvement in an armed robbery.

In October, the 61-year-old was convicted of 12 charges arising from a failed attempt to recover sporting memorabilia, including armed robbery and conspiracy to kidnap.

Simpson and his co-defendant Clarence CJ Stewart have been in custody in Las Vegas since their conviction over the 2007 incident and will today receive a mandatory prison sentence of between six years and life.

Simpson's conviction came 13 years to the day he was acquitted of the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995 in what was called "the trial of the century".

Prosecutors are thought to have lobbied for a 18-year sentence when judge Jackie Glass imposes a jail term on Friday.

But defence attorney Gabriel Grasso - whose client will not address the court - said the former NFL star should be given a six-year sentence as a "first-time offender".

"Such a sentence would be a sufficient reflection of both the nature of the case as well as the first-time offender status of the defendant," he was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying.

Stewart's representative said a six year sentence would be the "best-case scenario".

"That's the bottom-end number before being eligible for parole," Brent Bryson added.

On Tuesday, judge Glass will sentence Simpson and Stewart's four former co-defendants who took plea deals and testified against the pair.

05/12/2008 10:09:16