Sportsman-turned-actor OJ Simpson has been caught up in another legal controversy, and this time he was on the receiving end of a beating.

A friend of the NAKED GUN star called police in Miami, Florida after Simpson was allegedly attacked by ex-girlfriend CHRISTIE PRODY during a domestic row on Independence Day (04JUL05).

Simpson, who was acquitted of murdering his wife and her lover a decade ago, reportedly stood and took his beating from his enraged ex, according to a pal who was at the scene.

Prody then lunged at Simpson's pal, STEVE DOCKENDORF, who was left nursing scratches to his forehead and ear.

Dockendorf claims the row started as Simpson tried to retrieve belongings Prody had packed into the back of her car.

He says, "He reached into her car to get the bag and that's when she went crazy on him."

Simpson's friend then called the police: "At first, Simpson was mad at me for calling the police on her, but I told him: 'OJ, you have to document this kind of behaviour for your own protection.'"

When police arrived, Simpson confirmed Dockendorf's story but refused to press charges. No charges will be filed against Prody.

07/07/2005 03:00