OJ Simpson is losing sleep over things going bump in the night - because buckets of golf balls keep dropping from the sky onto his roof.

The callous incident remains unsolved, but one of the Miami, Florida, neighbours of the former football player thinks a handful of members of the MIAMI-DADE POLICE DEPARTMENT are to blame.

The source, a former officer with the Florida force, tells American tabloid the STAR, "Sounds like some guys on the force are playing a little joke on Mr Simpson. The cops keep getting called to his house for one thing or the other, and they just don't like him.

"And having worked with some of the helicopter guys, I can tell you that golf balls on the roof is a well-known trick. It wakes up the heaviest sleeper."

But Simpson's lawyer YALE GALANTER insists the police have treated his client with nothing but respect, stating, "Police officers here have watched out for OJ. I'm not saying there isn't one rogue cop playing tricks on him. But most have been professional."

And Miami-Dade PD spokesman JUAN DEL CASTILLO notes, "We treat everyone with courtesy, even Mr Simpson."

08/05/2003 09:38