OJ Simpson's former lawyer Johnnie Cochran is set to give Disney bosses a headache after agreeing to represent the estate of writer Aa Milne in an ongoing battle over royalties for character Winnie The Pooh.

Cochran has been employed by the SLESINGER family to assist in their long-running feud with the film giant, which began when STEPHEN SLESINGER and his wife licensed the honey-loving bear's adventures to Disney in the 1960s.

The relationship turned sour during the 1990s when the family became convinced that they had been cheated out of royalties by Disney and the legal wrangling has dragged on ever since, without any judgement being made.

Slesinger's daughter PATI (corr) says, "We are honoured to have Mr Cochran on our team. We look forward to working with him and having the case move to trial quickly."

03/12/2003 02:15