The father of RON GOLDMAN has urged Americans to turn off when Fox executives air their OJ Simpson special later this month (NOV06) because he thinks the former footballer's take on how he would have killed his son makes for terrible television. FRED GOLDMAN is "appalled" that media mogul Rupert Murdoch's network is airing the show IF I DID IT, HERE'S HOW IT HAPPENED after other executives turned the idea down. In the two-part show - to promote his book of the same title - Simpson hypothetically discusses how he would have killed his wife NICOLE and her friend, Goldman. He was acquitted of their murders in 1995 but later found responsible for their deaths in a civil trial. The Goldmans have been attempting to recoup the $30 million plus (GBP16.6 million plus) they won in the settlement ever since, and Fred Goldman can't believe how low Simpson has stooped in his latest TV endeavour. Appearing on LARRY KING TONIGHT on Wednesday (15NOV06), the angry dad says, "Nothing would surprise me that this SOB would do but the fact that someone is willing to publish this garbage (and) that FOX is willing to put in on air, is just morally despicable to me. "There's not going to be ever any closure to this. I know what he did. Kim knows what he did. The vast majority of right thinking Americans or people around the world know what he did. "He butchered two people and walked out of a courtroom a free man. And now he is glorifying it in a book... (and) he's willing to tell the world how he 'would' murder his children's mother and Ron - sick. "I would not only hope that no one watches it; I would hope that no one buys the book. I would hope that the message from people in this country is sent to his publisher, is sent to Fox that this is disgusting, despicable and that we as a nation won't put up with it."