Oh Land ''visualises'' all of her songs when she's writing them.

The Danish-born popstar - who released her third studio album 'Wish Bone' earlier this year - ensures her visions are ''as detailed as possible'' by drawing upon past memories and experiences and even recalls smells to inspire her music.

She said exclusively to BANG Showbiz: ''When I write a song, I often put myself in that space where I work to relive the - whatever inspired me - relive the experience. You know I go back to that memory and really think about how did it look? What happened? You know, how did it smell? So that I can write as precise and as detailed as possible. So very much from the first sentence I write, I visualise.''

Oh Land's - real name Nanna Oland Fabricius - visual writing style provides a clear direction for her music videos and she has taken ''beats'' from video sharing site YouTube after being inspired by clips posted online.

She said: ''I always have a very strong feeling about what I want to do in the next video. Like for a particular song I'll be like this song should be a dance video. That's how I felt about the 'Renaissance Girls' video because all the beats in the video, like the main beats, I cut out of some steps shown videos on YouTube.''

Oh Land UK tour dates 2013:

02 Dec - Manchester, Deaf Institute

03 Dec - Glasgow, King Tuts

04 Dec - Birmingham, The Institute

05 Dec - London, Scala

06 Dec - Brighton, The Haunt

08 Dec - Dublin, Button Factory