Carlile took to Instagram hours after the band announced plans to scrap the tour dates to update fans on his health.

He wrote: "As most of you know I battle daily with a rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome. Due to recent issues arising from this, we have cancelled the remainder of our European tour. It breaks my heart but the band & myself have decided it was unsafe for me to continue on in this state of health.

"I'm being admitted to Stanford University hospital where my specialists have been informed & are prepared to figure out what exactly is wrong. I will remain there as long as needed to run tests & come up with an assessment of what exactly is causing my body & heart to seize up."

Apologising to fans for pulling the tour, he added: "I would never cancel unless a limb was falling off or it was endangering my life. Unfortunately it has become the later (sic)... I promise to keep pushing & treat this as another hill to climb."

He also revealed his father has flown to California from Costa Rica to be by his bedside, but urged devotees not to worry, adding, "There are multiple things more important happening in the world right now. Besides, God has a plan, all of this is in His hands at the end of the day and I'm ready for whatever comes next."

Carlile fell ill on Saturday (08Oct16) and the band was forced to cut a set in Portsmouth, England short. Of Mice & Men performed onstage in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday (09Oct16), when it became clear the singer could not continue with the tour.