The rockers had to scrap their European tour earlier this month (Oct16) after the singer, who suffers from a rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder, called Marfan syndrome, experienced complications and became too ill to perform.

Over the weekend (22-23Oct16), Austin shared an update with fans on Twitter, revealing he had gone under the knife in the first of several planned operations.

"First procedure was able to fix one of the tears in my mid-spine caused by a bludgeoned disc tearing through the dural encasing it," he explained. "Now I'm waiting for it to heal the see the results and move on to fixing the other tears in my low spine and base of neck/head on Monday or Tuesday.

"More recovery and resting plus a lot of sleeping. God has a purpose for me in this and I will fight through it with Him no matter how long it takes."

Austin went on to admit his latest health struggle had really taken its toll: "Aside from my heart surgery five years ago, I've never had to endure something this gnarly," he added. "Thank you to all of you for the immense support."

The rocker has yet to reveal if he will be going ahead with the additional operations this week (begs24Oct16).

He also underwent a heart procedure last year (15) as medics tried to improve his condition, which affects the tissues of major organs, but the surgery almost cost him his life.

"It was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through," he told Metal Hammer in July (16). "It's hard to go through something like that that's dangerous in general, and just to not know if you're gonna be there four, five or six hours later.

"When I had my heart surgery, my heart was stopped. They put my head in a whole thing of ice, to stop your brain activity. You're dead. I was clinically dead for three hours while they did the procedure."