The stars had to scrap their European tour in October (16) after the singer, who suffers from the rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder, experienced complications and became too ill to perform.

He underwent the first of several planned operations days later, and is still receiving treatment, prompting his band to recently withdraw with a planned tour of Australia, where the musicians had been due to open for fellow rockers A Day to Remember.

While most fans have sent Carlile their well wishes, some have expressed their frustration at his lengthy recuperation period, and the singer took it upon himself to educate those followers about the seriousness of his illness.

"FYI (for your information) you don't 'get better' w/ (with) Marfans," he began in a series of Twitter posts. "You GET BY. I've had foot, ear, rib, head, hip, back, & heart surgeries just so I can function/live."

He continued, "All of you saying I should hurry up & get better what's taking so long. I'll never be better. you happy? I live EACH DAY as it comes. Each day is a battle. Marfan Syndrome is a fibrostic connective tissue disorder, that means it affects your ENTIRE BODY, and IT. IS. PAINFUL."

However, the star insisted he was remaining optimistic in his ongoing health struggle.

"I don't cry on Twitter on all the bad days," he added. "I suck it up & keep pushing on. The rare good days?!... I CHERISH those more than you could ever understand. & I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. This is why I have such a heart for those hurting, mentally OR physically, because I. AM. TOO."