Odd Future star Tyler, The Creator aimed a vicious online rant at police after he was detained in California on Tuesday (10May11) for allegedly disturbing the peace.
Hundreds of fans gathered in Westchester, Los Angeles after the rapper announced he would be there handing out passes for an upcoming concert.
But the event ended in chaos when cops arrived on the scene and put the hip-hop star in handcuffs.
An angry Tyler later took to his Twitter.com page to write about the incident, ranting: "F**k cops. F**k police f**k you all... I will never respect you. Pigs."
He added, "F**k those cops. Had us in cuffs for no reason, didn't do s**t. 'Disturbing the peace, loitering and skating pass a cop.' What the f**k?"
He also posted a photo taken by another Twitter user which showed him being apprehended by an officer, as well as a snap of a cop confiscating a skateboard in front of a large crowd of people.
A representative for the rapper tells MTV.com he was neither arrested nor charged.