Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt has cancelled the rest of his current tour due to exhaustion.

The hip-hop star has spent most of the past year on the road promoting his latest album, Doris, since its release last August (13), and on Tuesday (08Jul14), he regretfully told his fans that the non-stop travel had finally gotten the best of him.

Taking to his Twitter.com page, he wrote, "I sincerely apologize to any of y'all who planned to see me at these next couple festival dates. Due to lack of self maintenance i had to press eject on the tour.

"I am physically and mentally at the end of my rope. I weigh a fraction of what I'm supposed to and without synergy between the body and mind there is nothing. no point in performing if it's not the best show I can give every time.

"Now that I am home I can get healthy and get this album out to y'all while it's still fresh."

The axed gigs included stops at various music festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the U.K., Canada, and the U.S.

Last summer (13), Sweatshirt also cancelled a string of concerts in Europe as he battled pneumonia.