The Hidden Figures star, who is up for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar later this month (Feb17), is heading back to the 1920s to play Madam C. J. Walker.

"That's another story that's yet to be told and she's an icon for the African-American community as well, definitely for women in the African-American community," Octavia tells WENN. "I think it's time that her story gets told in a manner that I think people will enjoy.

"She was the first African-American millionaire and she was self-made, and it was all through beauty products. She was also a philanthropist and an activist in the reconstruction era."

Meanwhile, The Help star is preparing for Oscar night, revealing it will be her fifth anniversary since she won her last Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.

"I'm excited to be going back as a nominee for representing a woman who did not end her lifetime receiving acknowledgement or the accolades that she should have for her contributions for the space race and to science, technology, engineering and math programs. So I'm humbled and excited."

Octavia portrays NASA mathematics expert Dorothy Vaughan in the movie.

And she's already on the lookout for her next Oscar-worthy role, telling WENN she would like to play "a weak character", adding, "I would love to play a frail person. I would love to play a deranged person but Hollywood has this problem of thinking outside the box. I love putting out fabulous entertainment but I think now, as artists, especially with so much uncertainty going on in the world, I want to be a part of something that promotes healing in some way, and perhaps a little introspection once you leave."