Octavia Spencer is not happy with her weight.

The star triumphed at last night's Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards, picking up Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'The Help', but is worried her about her size.

She told People.com: "I am not healthy at this weight. Any time you have too much around the middle, then there is a problem.

"And when you reach a certain weight, you are less valuable."

But Octavia claims it isn't just overweight actresses who have a problem getting roles in Hollywood, she also has a lot of sympathy with stars who are too thin.

She added: "I feel for the overly thin women as much as I do for the overweight women. It has to change.

"We have to start standing up for ourselves and saying, 'This is who I am.'

"And If more women ate, they would be a lot happier. Let me tell you, I am a lot grumpier when I don't eat."

Octavia also recently won a Golden Globe for her role in 'The Help' - which tells the story of African-American maids who take a stand during the Civil Rights era in the US - although despite her two wins she doesn't think she is a dead cert to claim an Oscar in February.

She added: "I would be lying if I didn't say to you I would love to win an Oscar.

"But we have a group of brilliantly talented actresses, and it's not a foregone conclusion that because I've won these awards then I'll win [the Oscar].

"I would never be that presumptuous. I mean, Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Chastain and Janet McTeer are in that category. Pretty brilliant."