Octavia Spencer thinks it is ''important'' that Hollywood doesn't go on witchhunts in sexual misconduct allegations.

The 47-year-old actress is glad that these things have been ''aired out'' but doesn't want everyone to be tarred by the same brush.

She said: ''What people fail to realise is it's never easy to speak up. You don't gain anything by speaking up but you realise that people who are speaking up are regaining a little of the dignity they were robbed of to speak up and to speak out. While it is seriously taxing to read, imagine what it was like for them.

''I think it's important that we don't go on witchhunts ... I'm all for this airing out, but I think we have to be careful in 'such and such smiled at me' situations and stop digging ... I believe in flirting. I'm a big flirt. It's one thing to flirt. But if the person doesn't respond, you don't make physical contact. You don't keep pushing the situation. It means they're not interested.''

And the 'Hidden Figures' star previously praised the ''brave women'' who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misconduct against over 50 women.

She said: ''This past week, the film industry awakened to a scandal that has rocked us to our core. Scores of brave women came forward and recounted stories of sexual harassment perpetrated by a producer who had abused his power for nearly three decades. As a result, women across the world are banding together, leading the charge to ensure that these victims are heard and policies changed. All of the aforementioned incidents demonstrate the transformative power of women and philanthropy.''