Badboy rapper Obie Trice has refused to adopt a stage name - because he likes to keep his music real.

Despite working with EMINEM - whose real name is MARSHALL MATHERS III - Obie is determined not to bow to the pressure to discard his birth name.

The RAP NAME singer says, "This is me, this is Obie Trice. I'm a person just like you. Real name, no gimmicks.

"I ain't gonna sugar-coat s***, or hold you up, I'm gonna be blunt and give you Obie Trice."

And despite not wanting to follow Eminem's example and rename himself, Obie admires his boss for following his own instincts.

He says, "I saw a lot of s*** when Eminem was doing his album, where the industry people can drive you away from being who you truly are.

"But everything he's saying is coming from Marshall Mathers. I don't get off into the name thing with Marshall, because I feel all his music is real because I know him."

25/07/2003 19:49