Hip-hop star Obie Trice named his debut album Cheers because he's such a fan of the eighties American sitcom of the same name.

The cheeky rapper reckons his pal EMINEM - who also produced the new record - is just like brainbox character Frasier, while he'd like to be TED DANSON's super-smooth character.

Obie says, "I named my album Cheers because it's a celebration of me being here - it could have been the case that (fellow rapper) BIZARRE didn't call me that day to rap for Eminem.

"But also I used to watch Cheers. You know, SAM was the coolest motherf***er. I like Sam because he ran s***, he had the women, he was a f***ing player. They were all cool, but I'd have to be that dude.

"If Cheers was set in a Detroit bar, I think Eminem would be Frasier, because he's kind of witty."

21/11/2003 17:04