Review of To Some Folk Single by Obi

Obi - To Some Folk
OBI - To Some Folk - Single Review


To Some Folk

(Cooking Vinyl 17/11/03)

Not only do you get two meaningful acoustic based tracks with captivating Ian McCulloch with a hint of Dave Gahan style vocals provided by Damian Katkhuda. With this limited edition single that precedes Obi’s full length album ‘Dice Man Lopez (out 24th February), you can also get your grubby little paws on a unique painting from anti-war artist Simon Mackness on the front cover. This all combines to make a very meaningful and thought provoking offering.

OBI - To Some Folk - Single Review

The B-side ‘Sweethead’ is a polished and emotive love ballad that sees Simon’s tenderness rising to the top with help from crisp acoustic fuelled instrumentals. Obi having packed out the acoustic tent at Glastonbury, are bound to win over more fans in this offering that oozes authenticity.

David Adair