British rockers Oasis are furious their upcoming single LYLA was illegally leaked onto the internet on Tuesday (29MAR05) within moments of its first airplay.

The long-awaited comeback track is due for release on 16 May (05), but after a European radio station played the NOEL and LIAM GALLAGHER-fronted band's song, internet sites worldwide started posting it for downloading.

Fears are escalating that forthcoming Oasis album DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH will be the next target for internet piracy.

A spokesperson for the band says, "Playing Lyla on the radio is embargoed until this Monday (04APR05) at 8:15am in the UK and the video will be shown first on (UK network) CHANNEL 4 at 11pm on 6 April (05).

"We are still trying to find out about the track and whether it is an original copy or a download itself."

31/03/2005 14:09