Manchester rockers Oasis are set to play some of their classic hits at the Brit Awards tonight, where they will collect their Outstanding Achievement award from Beatles legend Ringo Starr.

OASIS will be performing CIGARETTES & ALCOHOL and ROCK 'N' ROLL STAR from their breakthrough album DEFINITELY, MAYBE, which was released 12 years ago and opened the floodgates to the Britpop days of the mid 90s.

Other songs will include DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER and MORNING GLORY from their hugely popular second album, WHAT'S THE STORY (MORNING GLORY).

And the original indie rock 'n' rollers will be accepting their long-awaited Outstanding Achievement award from Starr, after deciding they may be getting too old to accept it in the future.

Noel Gallagher told the NME: "It seemed the right time. We'd put out our best of album, STOP THE CLOCKS, and we're all under 40. So we just decided, f**k it, let's just do it now."

But Noel added that the band had moved on from its heady days during the mid 90s, when Blur v OASIS was the battle of the decade and everyone was watching Liam to see who he would hit next.

Noel explained: "I hope people aren't waiting for us to smash the place up or something. We're just going to play five songs, have a party and get f***ed."

14/02/2007 15:06:44