Oasis badboys LIAM and Noel Gallagher have been invited to this year's (05) Brit Awards in London to stir up trouble.

At past ceremonies Liam has simulated sex with his gong, abused late Inxs rocker Michael Hutchence and was challenged to a fight by ANGELS singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS.

And organisers are hoping the Live Forever duo will create similar excitement at this year's event to abolish fears the current line-up is too passive.

A source says, "Chris Evans as a host has set the tone, but so far there's on one coming who can be relied on to act up.

"We've love to get Liam and Noel to stir it a little.

"Will Young and Natasha Bedingfield are all very well, but they won't get smashed and cause a scene."

30/01/2005 21:29