Oasis guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs claims Liam Gallagher's cryptic Twitter posts could have been about a trip to the pub.

The frontman sparked rumours the band were set to reform last night (24.04.14) when he took to the social networking site to individually tweet a letter of the band's name every half an hour, but his former band mate claims he might have just been reminiscing.

Bonehead, who had spent the night drinking with Liam, told NME.com: ''What did he tweet, was it regarding fig rolls or something? There were no fig rolls involved officer,'' referring to a joke Liam's previous tweet about Bonehead: ''THE OASIS YEARS THEY FORGOT TO MENTION BONEHEAD USED TO STICK FIG ROLLS UP HIS A*** HA HA X (sic)''

Asked what Liam's latest tweets mean, Bonehead responded: ''Probably the fact that I texted him going, 'Meet me in the beer garden'. That probably rattled his cage. Maybe that. I don't know though, because I meet him every f***ing month. Maybe he's just reminiscing.''

The musician then took to his own Twitter account to spell out the word ''PUB''.

Liam's mysterious posts come just two months after Oasis announced they are re-releasing their debut album 'Definitely Maybe' with previously unheard tracks to celebrate the LP's 20th anniversary on May 19.

The band split in August 2009 after Liam and his brother Noel had a huge backstage bust-up in Paris, France, but rumours are beginning to circulate that they could be planning to headline at Glastonbury this year.

However, Noel turned down £20million to reunite with the Beady Eye frontman for an Oasis world tour in December last year.