Bitter '90s rivals Oasis and Blur are putting their differences aside to join all-star charity group BAND AID III.

The bands launched a scathing war of words at the height of the so-called Britpop era, but the prospect of having to share studio space hasn't deterred Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher or BLUR frontman Damon Albarn from lending their vocal talents to help raise cash for African famine victims.

The two rockers will join Coldplay, Travis, The Darkness and R+B beauty Jamelia, who have all signed up to re-record the original Band Aid hit DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? this Yuletide (04).

MIDGE URE - who co-wrote the 1984 song with SIR Bob Geldof and is masterminding its third lease of life - says, "Noel said he's doing it and I heard Damon is going to do it as well, but as one of the Gorillaz (Albarn's animated dance act).

"So whether he's actually going to be in the studio or whether he's going to be a cartoon character, I don't know. But they're both going to do it."

Do They Know It's Christmas? was also covered in 1989 by BAND AID II, featuring stars like Bros, Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley.

22/10/2004 02:14