Oasis talisman and rock 'n' roll legend Noel Gallagher has confirmed that any talk of a solo album is false.

His band posted a statement refuting any speculation soon after rumours circulated that the co-frontman was set to go it alone.

But Gallagher saw fit to rubbish the speculation once again while making a guest appearance on the Sky Sports show Soccer AM.

"I only mention it to get Liam [Gallagher, Noel's brother] going," Gallagher said to a question related to apparent admissions on his behalf that a solo record was in the pipeline.

Noel then joked that should he ever turn solo, he would be working on a clothing range and a scent in double-quick time.

The musician also noted that writing for Oasis' new album was well underway and that he had "written a couple of belters" for the new record.

"My songs are amazing," Gallagher said, in a rather tongue-in-cheek reference to the other band member's tracks.

The band's last album, Don't Believe the Truth, included a number of songs written by other members of the band, such as frontman Liam, guitarist Gem ArCher and fellow band member Andy Bell.

19/05/2007 16:04:43