Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher has branded his bandmate brother LIAM a 'lunatic', insisting he is too easily led to be taken seriously. Noel, 39, is convinced his younger sibling still has the personality of a very young man, despite being 34 years old - and he regularly exploits Liam with his superior intellect. He says, "Liam has really long hair at the moment and looks like a lunatic, which is about right. "He's still a very silly young man and talks out of his a**e 23 hours of the day. "You say, 'Hey Liam, what about putting a choir on that song?' He'll say, 'Brilliant, yeah, f**king choir, man.' "Then someone will go, 'Choir? That's a bit poncey isn't it?' And he'll be like, 'Yeah, no, choirs are s**t, mate, f**king rubbish.' So you can have good fun with Liam in the studio!"