Former Oasis star PAUL 'BONEHEAD' ARTHURS has revealed he once turned down a lucrative offer to appear on British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother - because it would have been a "sad" experience.
The guitarist claims TV bosses offered him and his former manager and label boss Alan MCGee $160,000 (£100,000) each to take part in the show just before Christmas (09).
But Arthurs turned the offer down - because he had no interest in appearing on the show.
In a post on popular Oasis blog StopCryingYourHeartOut, the rocker writes, "I got a email before Christmas from Alan MCGee; he just said, 'Bonehead, do you fancy doing Celebrity Big Brother?'
"I think the producer got hold of MCGee and said, 'Did me and him fancy doing it?' I just said, 'No, f**k that, mate'. I think they offered us about £100,000 each to do it. But I wouldn't do it for £100 f**king million. Sad."
Since leaving Oasis, Arthurs has been playing in a number of Manchester, England-based bands, and is currently performing with Vortex, who are in the process of recording their debut album, according to