The man who discovered Oasis has called for the BRIT Awards to be scrapped and replaced with a more serious music ceremony.
Scottish music mogul Alan MCGee claims the annual prizegiving has lost its way and the record industry judges, who decide who gets what, simply vote for their own artists.
In an interview with Scotland's Daily Record, the former Creation boss says, "They should get rid of the Brits (and) start again with 20 music journalists who actually care about music... instead of a bunch of self-interested record company people who just vote for their own acts."
And outspoken MCGee has also taken aim at BRIT Awards darlings Coldplay and former Beatle Sir Paul MCCartney in his latest rant about the British music industry.
Upset by Coldplay's 2010 nomination for Best Album Of The Last 30 Years (A Rush Of Blood To The Head), MCGee rages, "Coldplay are a dilution of a dilution of a dilution. (Singer) Chris Martin makes me want to eat someone else's earwax rather than listen to his records."
And he thinks MCCartney should seriously consider retirement: "John Lennon is probably firing bullets from another dimension as we speak.
"Music should be like football. Once you turn 40, you should become a manager or get lost. It's for kids. You lose perspective. You don't have 66-year-old football players. There's a reason for that."