Oasis wildman LIAM GALLAGHER showed his tender side when he rushed his fiance's popstar sister Natalie Appleton to hospital yesterday (26MAY03) after she badly cut her wrist.

Natalie had been partying with the raucous rocker and sister NICOLE after performing in Liverpool, England when she fell on a champagne bottle and slashed her wrist open - and Liam insisted he rushed her to the local WHISTON hospital to get treatment.

A source reports, "Natalie looked in shock. She was pale, worried and tearful.

"But Liam was really kind and caring. He had his arm around her and had control of the situation. They were sat around the waiting room for a while with Liam comforting Natalie, saying, 'You'll be OK.'"

DON'T WORRY singer Appleton is now facing an operation on her arm to remove shards of glass lodged in her flesh.

A spokesperson confirms, "Natalie's been told she may still have glass in her arm - which is causing the pain. It looks like she'll have to go in for an operation."

27/05/2003 13:30