Former Oasis star Liam Gallagher appears to have reignitied a long-running feud with Robbie Williams by aiming a foul-mouthed rant at the Take That singer in a new interview.

Williams befriended Gallagher and his rocker brother Noel back in the 1990s around the time of his departure from the pop group, but they later fell out and the rift widened when the siblings labelled him the "fat dancer from Take That".

Liam, who now fronts Beady Eye, seems to have proved the bad blood is still ongoing after taking aim at Williams during an interview with British radio station BBC Radio 5 Live.

The chat was conducted on Wednesday (19Jun13), the day Beady Eye played at the small 1,500-capacity Ritz venue in Liam's home town of Manchester, England and Williams performed one of four massive shows at the city's Etihad stadium.

When asked about Williams' big concerts, Liam appeared furious about the comparison, saying, "We should be playing the Etihad three nights, not some f**king fat f**king idiot. It could be any f**king clown. I think it's a shame that he's doing three nights and a band like us are doing one night in the Ritz. Poor, mate. It's not about him, it's people in general."

He says of Beady Eye's small-scale shows, "It's a small gig. Beady Eye ain't a big band. Everyone thinks we're going to announce big f**king stadiums. (The Ritz) is the level we're at and we'll stay at that until you (the public) pull your f**king finger out and buy the f**king records."