Oasis star Noel Gallagher has revealed he's four weeks away from making a full recovery from his stage fall, which prematurely ended the band's North American tour last month (Sep08).
The rocker insists he'll be ready for the band's upcoming British dates, but admits he still needs pills to take the edge off the pain caused after he fell on a monitor while trying to escape a charging fan onstage in Toronto, Canada.
He says, "I'm on a lot of painkillers at the moment. The trouble with painkillers is they're only fun when you're not meant to be on them. When you're actually in pain they just take the edge off it.
"The doctor said that, at my age, it should take about another four weeks to heal. It's making me walk and stand different though 'cause of the pain.
"I've been rehearsing though, so I know I can do the rest of the tour."