Oasis star Noel Gallagher fears his drug-taking past cost him a lot of money as he would often go on extravagant shopping sprees while under the influence.
The guitarist admits to using illegal substances during the band's 1990s heyday, and his wild partying often had a negative influence on his bank balance - he would buy ridiculously expensive items "on a whim".
And Gallagher's excessive spending even sparked fears at the band's record label, because he owned a credit card without a limit.
He says, "I do own a black AmEx card that has unlimited credit and cannot be denied anywhere. I could walk into a showroom selling Boeing 747s and regardless of whether I could afford it, they'd have to accept that card.
"When I was taking drugs on a regular basis, it was a frightening experience for the record company.
"You could have literally gone out and bought a house on a whim - and I had more whims than I care to mention."