Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher criticised the atmosphere during the band's set at the U.K.'s V Festival - hours before they axed their second slot due to singer LIAM's throat virus.
Guitarist Noel admitted he "couldn't get into" their gig at the first leg of the event in Staffordshire, England after he came offstage on Saturday night (22Aug09).
He also felt unwell and was concerned he would have to call a doctor the following day.
On Sunday (23Aug09), Oasis were due to headline day two of the event in Chelmsford, south east England - but cancelled when Liam was diagnosed with viral laryngitis.
In a posting on the band's official website, Noel writes: "Boo! Just come off stage at V in Stafford. And I don't mind admitting that I didn't enjoy it one bit... Couldn't get into it. Very strange.
"Don't feel too clever. Outrageous stomach ache. Feel like I'm coming down with summat (something). Bugger. Might have to get the doctor out in the morning. Hope it came out of the speakers ok... Oh well, there's always tomorrow."
Gallagher is rumoured to be planning a surprise acoustic set at the event in Chelmsford on Sunday evening to make up for the band's cancelled slot.