Oasis star Noel Gallagher wants his bandmate brother LIAM to strike out on his own and pursue a solo career.
The rocker siblings are currently on the road in North America, and are slated to play a full U.K. stadium tour next summer (09).
But frontman Liam is so eager to get back in the studio as soon as they finish their trek, Noel is urging him to release a solo project separate from Oasis.
He says, "Liam's always the first person to start rushing things. I think if he wants to get back in the saddle that quick, he should do it for himself. He's got tonnes and tonnes of songs."
And the guitarist has such a large stockpile of his own tunes, he is also considering releasing a solo project.
He adds: "There are songs that have just fallen by the wayside that are still great but have missed their moment. Like Stop The Clocks (pulled from their LP Don't Believe The Truth), for instance. That needs to come out soon. At the end of this tour, I'd like everyone to do something separately. I think it would be interesting for our fans."