Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher has no intention of living a detached superstar existence like SIR Elton John or George Michael, despite his enduring fame.

The LYLA musician, who first topped the British charts in 1994, is determined to life a normal life in London and refuses to allow starstruck fans to alter the way he conducts himself everyday.

He says, "It's a bit weird going to the supermarket (sometimes) you kind of freak people out when you've got four bags of shopping.

"But you've got to have a real life because if you don't, you end up like Elton John or George Michael. Can you imagine George Michael buying toothpaste and a toothbrush and a newspaper or some lemons?

"Ordinary people are determined to make you feel bad, though. You'll be in the queue at the supermarket with a pint of milk, some bread and a newspaper and someone will say, 'What you doing here?'

"I turn around and say, 'F**k off, I'm doing my f**king shopping like you are.'"