Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher has slammed the band's security after he was attacked on stage in Canada.
The Wonderwall hitmaker was violently pushed to the ground by a man who evaded minders during a concert at the V Festival in Toronto on Sunday (07Sep08) and was left with severe bruising and a suspected broken rib.
And Gallagher has hit out at security staff at the event, calling the setup a joke - and comparing them to characters from British comedy show Only Fools + Horses.
Writing on his tour blog, Gallagher says, "I knew something was going to happen last night. I said I had a bad feeling, didn't I!?
"Someone, who can only be described as a 'Canadian', was able to get onstage, somehow managed to evade our crack security team (Trotters Independent Security Service) and assaulted my mid-riff."
And the guitarist feels like he has been in a fight with British boxer Ricky Hatton after the attack, which saw him land heavily on a stage speaker.
He adds, "Can't say much more than that as the 'perpetrator's' gonna get the book thrown at him. Repeatedly. It was all going so well up until that point'n'all. Feel like I've had a sparring session with Ricky Hatton. Still, we'll probably get an extra couple of days in NYC. Every cloud, eh?"
Daniel Sullivan was arrested by police over the incident and subsequently charged with assault. He has been released to next appear in court on 24 October (08).