Outspoken Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher is considering running for Prime Minister in the next British general election - and his campaign would be based on bringing back capital punishment. The Live Forever star believes a hard stance needs to be taken to keep criminals in line. He says, "I might stand for election myself, to be honest. "I've worked this out and I reckon I could sort out the country in a year and a half. "I'd definitely bring back hanging - that's for starters. All these violent offenders - you get convicted three times by three separate juries then you're going to the gallows. "If by any off-chance some evidence comes up that you might have been innocent and could prove it beyond reasonable doubt, then your next of kin gets GBP500,000. Vote for me. "The streets would be a lot safer and I could sort public transport out - half a year, that would take."